Monday, January 24, 2011

Hide and Seek

Today Weird Cat People of America would like to dive deeper into the world of cats and explore weird habits of cats. Such as sleeping habits, hiding spots, and strange activities.

Our first weird habit is the cat's love for boxes. No matter how small the box, you can rest assured that somewhere there is a cat willing to conquer that box and fall asleep in it.

Some cats are picky eaters, but other will eat all your noms. This young feline has gotten an early start on eating human food by devouring a delish bowl of pasta.

Cats also love to photobomb. If you are not familiar with this term here is the definition: (verb)- to drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken. Cats are great at this because they are stealthy and adorable. To see more of these delightful photoboming cats refer here.

It is a little known fact that cats are computer prodigies. They work best when inside the computer.

Cats sleep where ever they want. Deal wit it.

Cats are awesome. They go where they want; do what they want. Cats rule your town*.

*Cats also rule other towns. To see an awesome cat named Kitty backpacking with it's person from Miami to Ushuaia click here!

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