Friday, December 24, 2010

Festive Felines, Part 3

This is a tad late but what the heck, there is a such thing as a birthday or sorry I ran over your cat gift. So part 2 is accessories. Yup.

Two Scoops of Cat Necklace! $139 etsy
Cat Charm Bracelet $5.99 Girlprops.comLaser Kitty Wallet $16 (user is on vacation so it's not available at the moment)

The Cat in the Hood $68.99 ModclothSiamese Cat Fleece Scarf $24 etsy (user also on vaction, what the heck! you don't need a vacation from making crafts!)
Black Cat Sunglasses, $14.99 GirlProps
Chauncey Necklace $12.99 Modcloth
Black Cat Bag (sorry it sold) etsy

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