Monday, December 6, 2010


My name is Haley and I have Obsessive Cat Disorder, otherwise known as OCD. Anyone who says they have OCD is referring to this disorder.

In my life I have owned 7 cats (I think) but I am now at 2. All but two have been strays and all with super creative names (Smokey - a grey cat, Skinny - a beige underfed cat, Sally - a calico, Junior - the sleeping cat in the picture to the right, Baby - found as a kitten and black cat in picture to the
right, Mittens - a Polydactyl cat aka cat with extra toes, and Princess Layla - because I was weird in late elementary, and I feel like I'm forgetting one).
This is Baby and Junior caught in a romantic love affair. They like to lick each other's heads and occasionally snuggle, though they've grown apart in recent years.

14 years old, likes meowing loudly, getting cat-high on catnip, nip dealing, biting his owner, snuggling with owner, sleeping in boxes and closets, sleeping on any important homework, and getting caught in the rain.
Cat Fact: Junior once clawed a J shaped cut into my arm. He's the feline Zorro!
Junior definitely knows how to get what he wants. He's once chased me across my yard for not petting him enough, hooked my underwear with his claw for choosing getting dressed over playing with him, and will meow louder than any other cat right outside my window so I know he wants in. He's very smart.

aprox. 11years old, was found declawed and fixed in my back yard, has rhino virus, an uncreative name, and sneezes everywhere; likes to sleep, be pet, play with strings and toys, sit on any open lap, and box at my dogs
Cat Fact: Baby used to eat frosted animal crackers!
Cat Fact: Baby doesn't meow. Ever. She's not mute because I've heard it once or twice but other than that, not a sound other than a hiss or sneeze.
Baby also puts up with ANYTHING I do to her. Probably because she doesn't have claws. I throw her up and catch her (I've never dropped her), hold her like a baby, and carry her on my shoulder (also never dropped her) but she always comes back to me. She's not dumb though, she was the first one of our pets to learn how to use the doggy door and always catches mice and voles even though she doesn't have claws. She's confined herself to the basement since we got a new dog though ):

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